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cglaceMaker@cglace · CTO, Transpose
Hi Product Hunt! I'm the co-creator. We built this last weekend as a "scratch my itch" type project. Can't believe it's already on product hunt.
Pedro Moorcraft@pedromoorcraft · founder,
@cglace nice work, some great content on here. I really like the live tab- What kind of features are you planning on having once this section goes live?
Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
A new toy. :) There are a bunch of great talks submitted already and there's an upcoming tab, so if you have a webinar coming up, let people know. Have fun.
Adam SteinbergMaker@adams472 · Co-Founder, Fetch
@v4violetta Thanks so much for sharing. What do you think so far? Any suggestions?
Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
@adams472 I like it so far - it's simple and uncluttered, and I'm a fan of all curations so... Gosh, I should probably have some kind of constructive criticism, I feel bad about not having any, but I don't want to make stuff up so... put me out of my misery? :D Thumbs up, Adam.
Adam SteinbergMaker@adams472 · Co-Founder, Fetch
@v4violetta No worries! What do you think about the idea of streaming live presentations on the site that would include Q&A? Would you ever attend those?
Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
@adams472 Maybe... you mean like an AMA? That could be fun. But to be honest, even though the live-streaming trend is growing, I am mellowing on it because I've had an overload. :/
Adam SteinbergMaker@adams472 · Co-Founder, Fetch
@v4violetta Got it. Live streaming is popular these days. Thanks for the feedback!
Rob Williger@robertwilliger · CEO of Cited, Inc. |Writer|Speaker
I think my day or week may disappear now:) So much great content there.
Adam SteinbergMaker@adams472 · Co-Founder, Fetch
@robertwilliger Just count it as a professional education day :-) What else would you like to see from the app? Would you be interested in watching live presentations?
Rob Williger@robertwilliger · CEO of Cited, Inc. |Writer|Speaker
@adams472 Adam- I like the justification. As far as what I would like to see would be tags or categories so if I am looking on a specific topic. Also, a calendar view for upcoming would be nice. I am mixed on live webinars, I find it challenging to watch them frequently due to schedules or other issues. I usually watch live if there is Q&A I want to participate in or if there will not be a recording and the topic is of major interest. In most situations, I sign up for a webinar and know I will catch it on the recording. If you are looking to promote more of the live webinars, I think it is important to have a value add, such as either special Q&A, a copy of slides, etc... to encourage people to attend when it is happening.
Adam SteinbergMaker@adams472 · Co-Founder, Fetch
@robertwilliger Oh that is really good feedback. Tags seem to be at the top of everyone's list :-) I also love the idea of the calendar view. I would also use that. Good point on the live webinars. How often would you say you attend a live webinar? Thanks!
Christopher Jaynes@topherjaynes · Director of Product
Love it, been dying for a way to find talks. A few features to take it from MVP: random if i'm not feeling motivated, save for later or pinning if I can't finish, email or recommend to friend. Can't wait to get lost in some good videos! Thanks!
Adam SteinbergMaker@adams472 · Co-Founder, Fetch
@topherjaynes Oh, great feedback. I love the idea of the "Pandora" feature for Breakout Room. Thanks!
Taylor Steinberg@tdstein · Software Engineer
Great work Adam and Chris! I'd love the ability to more immersed in the application. Some type of tag filtering or categorization would be a great way to traverse through related videos, as well as to find and bookmark upcoming presentations.
Adam SteinbergMaker@adams472 · Co-Founder, Fetch
@tdstein Thanks! Great ideas. Tags are at the top of the list, which we might also roll into the idea of "channels." Love the idea of bookmarks, too.