Breakout List, 2017

List of high potential opportunities for people in tech

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Hey all, a smart friend of mind has been curating a list of high growth startups and opportunities and other resources. They prefer to keep a low profile for personal reasons and so I’ve added @BreakoutList as a maker so they will comment.
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@imkevinxu @breakoutlist as that is a company/branded account - you will need to add the personal accounts of the makers only Im afraid
@imkevinxu @breakoutlist hi Kevin, where can I find out more about this curated list?
Sweet, looks alright for us then ✌️ In all seriousness, this is a pretty well put together list with great ways to filter down and check out some awesome companies. I also really like the little 'tips' As a side note, if joining Amazon, go to AWS. If joining Facebook, go to the AI lab or Oculus. If joining Alphabet, go to DeepMind.
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As someone hunting around I love it. Finding myself wishing that it signaled a remote/non-remote working culture.
AngelList is toward the top of the list. That's pretty cool. 😊
Nice update. The additional sections look pretty sweet, and I'd be curious to see what happens with the "Ambition List"