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I have the same question as @lukekndy. How are these startups being chosen? Is this data-driven? More importantly, who's writing the notes about these startups? Apparently Instacart has a "5/5" rating for product? I love Instacart but this means nothing without disclosure and context.
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@lukekndy @rrhoover agree completely, needs data
I don't get how this list was created. What are the data sources? What classifies these as breakout?
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This a really interesting idea, and I appreciate that's it's early stage, but it would be great to see some international startups included for those who live outside of the U.S.!
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FYI THIS NOT MY PRODUCT! It was inspired by Nomad List though, and the person who made this asked me to submit it. The maker would like to stay anonymous (for some reason unclear to me), please shout a lot so he gives up that weird idea and joins us in the comments :)
@levelsio Haha.. my first question was totally going to be if this was your latest product :)
@levelsio still really awesome. Thanks for the share. Hope you are doing well in whatever part of the world you may be at this time.
@imkialikethecar spills the beans. Chris Barber (@chrisbarber) in her VentureBeat coverage. "But as with everything else around here, young engineers (and others) should probably not base their major career decisions on someone else’s list." YUP!
an anonymous founder? in the age of product hunt? IMPOSSIBLE
@eriktorenberg Haha that's what I said Erik! Stubborn guy though, I asked him 3 times.
@levelsio You asked who 3 times?
@thinker our "mystery" founder
@levelsio How did you ask him/her if you don't know him/her?