BreakOut Contacts

The startup’s superpowered sales leads list

BreakOut Contacts is a first of it's kind leads list, using AI and deep learning in combination with human validation to generate super-targeted lists with way more data than the usual email dump. There are lists by major tech cities, by role (ex: Product decision makers), and more to come. Reach the right people to make real connections and sales.

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Hi fellow hunters! My name is Andy, and this is my first product hunted on ProductHunt. (Thanks @writerpollock!) I’m excited and humbled. As a founder working on my newest project I needed really good leads. But most “email list” companies sell you a load of 💩 emails, and only emails. I wanted key influencers, specifically at tech companies, and I wanted email *and* phone *and* social links. So I built a system to do it. I use some pretty slick AI (artificial intel), if I do say so myself, to analyze hundreds of data points per company and person. Then, and this is the part that too many services skip, good ol’ fashioned human effort kicks in to manually re-verify everything. The process is slow. Like, unscalably slow. But, I’ve been able to get a 100% conversion rate on contacts. I can’t promise that for you (you gotta hustle!), but my early customers have seen an average of around 80% conversion rate. That literally CRUSHES the normal 1-2% for crappy cold email lists. Because I love startups, and I want more of them to succeed, I launched Breakout Contacts to make this available to all of you. And since I also love PH 😻 I want to make sure you can all afford to try these leads. Use code “KITTY50” to get $50 off your purchase. If you’ve got questions or just want to say hello, I’ll be here. 😊
Solid lead gen tool here.
I talk with and mentor a lot of startups, and 9 out of 9 of them get too focused on the product and forget they should be (or avoid) out selling...which is the one metric that validates your startup! This list is designed to make closing some deals as simple as it can be. Even for introverted product folks like me. 😉
I see you list potential cities coming next, what about other industries?
@dswiese Absolutely! I'm following my own prescribed best practices (launch a minimum lovable product, iterate, and scale). High growth tech co's was my own targeted need, but if this works and takes off there's nothing stopping me from expanding to lists in all sorts of verticals and locations. What industries were you thinking of?
Nice work, @arosic! I can see how this will be extremely valuable for people. I sent you a request for a future vertical I'd be interested in!
@kunalslab Thanks Kunal, we'll talk soon. :)