Breaking into New Careers

An e-book to help you pivot roles in tech

This book was designed to make it more accessible for people to transition into new careers in tech.
Andy Ayim has had a portfolio career, spanning across 6 different roles over the last 12 years. He was Managing Director of Backstage Capital London.
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I've met so many folks over the years at hackathons, meetups and conferences who were working outside of the tech industry and really eager to break in. It's not easy for outsiders. Also folks in tech are trying to transition into different roles and that is challenging, too. So much of navigating tech we have learned as we go along. Resources like this that take expert insight and break it down into manageable steps for others to follow are super important.
This makes a lot of sense. I've recently passed through a change in my career after 12 years working as an engineer I wanted to change to Product Management and there's not that many help for that online. Congrats and keep it up.
@gonelf Thanks pal, funny enough I was a Product Manager too and that is where I experienced the problem as there are no clear paths into the role so people would often ask me, "how can I break into Product?"
Great book - I have shared it with my friends looking to break into the Tech Industry. The practical steps in the book really make it easy to create a solid pathway into a career in digital tech. Keep it up Andy!
@sebuh_mesfin_fanbytes Excellent, pleased to hear, hope they get true value from it.
With his diverse and ever-evolving career, Andy is definitely the best person to write a book on the topic of career transitions. Congrats on the launch 🙌
@anthilemoon Thanks Anne-Laure, your newsletter helps a lot with the brain food!
What a great idea for a book - wish it existed when I was starting out!
@daniellenewnham I felt like I was writing it for my younger self. Thanks