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Nice product! That was the most dramatic video I think I have ever watched though. The tension waiting for that swipe... wow
@mikelholford Haha thanks Mike, I worked really hard on that video so I'm glad the suspense was palpable ;)
Thanks for picking this up Eric – We're super excited to launch this project today (our first dual platform launch!). We've been using breaking for the past few months and we're all hooked – it's such a simple way to stay on top of feeds that you care about. I find myself swiping down on my phone most of the day (or two finger edge swiping on my Mac) to see if there's anything new. Warning: adding Product Hunt as a feed will RUIN your productivity. Let me know what you guys think or if you have any questions or comments – me and the team would love to hear them.
@flarup How are you finding the $5 price point? What led to you choosing that vs. higher or lower?
@thetylerhayes I think the jury is still out on the price point‚ we'll know for sure in a few days. Breaking for Mac is the most expensive software product we've ever build for consumers at Robocat in the past 6 years. At $5 it's a bit ridiculous when you think about it. I think when it came time to price Breaking there was an air of 'lets finally ask a more reasonable fee'. We've tried most things under the sun with our products and under the current circumstances it is almost impossible to make a longer term profit selling apps of this sort – I think Breaking live or die by a new thinking; that we need to charge more for the software that we pour so many hours into.
@flarup Really happy to read this. I hope more app makers take this stance. I'd pay $5 for the iPhone version of Breaking.
Get the news that matters to you, right in the today tab.
Great idea, guys! With so much going on today, it's hard to concentrate and quickly stay informed. Breaking solves this for me. Very awesome, and I'm definitely adding this to my Better Together collection :)
@quser Awesome Sergey! That was exactly how I felt when we came up with the idea. I really just wanted a simple overview of news from my favourite sources. We're actually using iCloud to sync feeds between the desktop and iOS version. We also have an update waiting for review for the Mac version that brings further improvements.
Nice app! Nitpicking, maybe the "show more" link is jammed up against the left edge and could use some padding. For newshounds, the RSS feed from turns this into a true "breaking news" feed in your notification area.
@jameskoole Thanks James, I definitely agree – I'm a professional nitpicker – I'll be hounding the guys for a fix. Making anything smooth in the widget is still a trial as the tools and control Apple has given us are quite rough still.