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I'm stoked to see Breaker live in the App Store. Shailo is a StartX buddy and I’ve been on the private beta the past few months. @shailorao - Messaging and content aggregation is a fun, but crazy competitive space. How is Breaker going to stand out?
@andrewlockhart thanks for submitting! Whoa, Breaker is finally LIVE! Our team wanted one place to explore and chat about the things we care about with the people that matter to us the most. Starting conversations about your interests on existing social networks and messengers should be simpler- hence the Break button.
I share a lot of articles from my desktop too. Actually, mostly when I'm not working when I should be. I really like messenger.com - what are your thoughts around desktop? Also - when can I buy stickers? -- Sincerely, a Korean guy
@chug2k Good call, Charles. I frequently read articles on Breaker when I should be working on Breaker. :) We’re hard at work on our desktop experience, and we would love to add the ability to browse Breaker content from the web at some point in the future. Great idea! Sincerely, an Irish guy
@derekfitzpatric @chug2k No but seriously though, stickers...
@chug2k Seriously though, thanks for bringing up stickers. To be honest, for the longest time I didn't quite understand their appeal. I gave it a shot about a year ago just to see what all the hype was about. Now I use them daily to communicate. :) It's not hard to imagine cool stickers to make interest-based conversations really come to life. Great idea!
Really cool idea about private conversations around topics. I could imagine this evolving into a platform for conversation in any context with relevant comments sorted to the top, for instance on a youtube comment page or news article. Where do you see breaker heading over the next 12 months?
@nedrockson Thanks Ned! One of the main things we want to do moving forward is continue to perfect our BreakRank algorithm. We want our users to instantly see content they personally love and want to discuss at the top of their feeds.
Congrats Shailo and the Breaker team! The app looks fantastic.
@conradegusa Thanks Conrad! Our design team has done an excellent job crafting what we believe is a beautiful, intuitive user experience.
Super excited to announce that Breaker is now featured on the App Store! Executing an idea and bringing it to reality in time for iOS 9 was an amazing experience. One of the things my friends really like about Breaker is the focused feeds in the Interests tab. I'd love to hear ideas on how to make this screen and the feeds look even cooler.