Reminders to take short breaks from your computer

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Hello! My name is Adam, and I am the Creator / Developer of this app, Break! ✨✨ I made the app for a few reasons, most of which being that I realised that I spent too long using my computer / laptop without taking a break and that its really bad for you!
💸💸 If you like the look of the app, you can get 50% off with the code 'PRODUCTHUNT50'! 💸💸 I hope you like it ;)
Don't MS already make several OS that make you take a break from your computer?
Is this almost like Macbreakz? Is this better? Thank you. :)
@deysonortiz It is different in a few ways, Macbreakz focus' on Ergonomics / Strech Techniques, (to prevent RST and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ect.) Whereas Break Is Just Simple Reminders To Take Breaks, to be more productive, and not just sitting at a computer for hours! Thanks for the question!