Work better. Work Bravely.

Our platform connects employees with professional coaches outside the workplace to encourage better conversations and healthier organizations. Using the app, people can easily schedule a phone session with a “Pro” who can provide objective guidance and help them take the next step with their boss, colleague, direct report, or HR team.

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Hi, Product Hunt! I’m Toby, one of the founders of Bravely, a new platform helping employees navigate their workplaces with a private, independent resource for guidance and coaching around conflicts and issues. We’ve seen first-hand how stressful it can be to navigate tricky interpersonal dynamics with managers and colleagues, and we know how tough conversations can be around performance feedback. We want to create a starting point for people who aren’t quite ready to talk to HR or their boss just yet, and want some structured guidance on how to think through their questions and prepare what to say. We’ve only just launched and we’re looking for people to schedule sessions (which is totally free!) and in exchange share feedback that can help us develop the product further. We’re truly determined to create experiences like the one conveyed by this truly real-world testimonial we got just this week: “Thank you for everything. I am going through a very stressful situation at work and my bravely pro not only helped me weigh my options and think through next best steps, but also helped me put everything into perspective. I feel more preprared and knowledgeable to tackle my problem but also personally feel much less stressed.” Check us out at, or read a bit more about how we got started on Medium: Again, it’s free! Check it out and please let us know what you think. Thanks so much! Toby & Team Bravely
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Bravely is filling a much needed gap in the market--the human gap! Definitely recommend engaging with Bravely to see how it can help you navigate performance reviews, complex work difficulties and alleviate high-stress situations before they explode.
@stephbags Thank you so much! We've been getting really positive feedback from users so far; it really helps to talk things out before heading into that big meeting. Appreciate the love and support!
Wow, what an amazing idea - filling a huge need in our increasingly HR-less world. I am curious who is giving the advice - how do you do it?!
@lukasthoms Hi, Lukas! Great question. Our network of Pros has really robust experience in employee relations and coaching, many having served in internal HR roles (mostly HR Business Partners at technology companies) and as conflict resolution coaches. They're using leading and cutting-edge frameworks to help people think through their upcoming difficult conversations. Please let us know if you have any more questions!
Congrats on the launch! Employees need a TON of help around conflict management. I'm the founder of Boost, which offers the same service ( -- although we're not free. :) I'm very curious how you plan to make money. Usually in any free offering, the user is the product... but that only works when data is share-able or ok to aggregate to an enterprise-level up-sell. I'm uncertain how free combines with confidentiality. We can only promise confidentiality with Boost because our users are our customers, and we back them up 100% of the time. If their companies were paying us, management would be breathing down our necks to add analytics features and make data transparent (thus ruining the credibility of the service). Welcome to the space! There's plenty of people out there for both of us to make a significant impact.
Love this concept! Can't wait to try it out. Company dynamics are changing so much with new business models and org structures and that can leave a lot of people feeling alienated and unappreciated. But of course there's also a lot of entitlement. Having an objective (knowledgable) source to validate you and help you figure out when to be more assertive and when to take it down a notch would be a game changer.
@lolatesla YES! I think you said it better than we did.