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My boys! This is a great one.
Hey everyone on Product Hunt! Glad to be featured here and share Brandtale with you. We built Brandtale to showcase all the native advertising executions across the web. We see it used by both brands and publishers as a research and prospecting tool and to stay up to date on their competition. As digital advertising continues to become more native to publisher's sites, we think it's really important for there to be a platform that aggregates all these new forms of advertising. It's totally free to use so we hope you get some time to play around with it. Happy to answer questions and would love to hear feedback!
@benpdarr Wow this is Genius. The Ux is so friendly and neat. As a digital agency owner and marketer , This product is really functional.
@mgoharshafique Appreciate the kind words and glad to hear you find it useful! Let us know any ways we can make it better.
@_jacksmith Glad you like the product and thanks for posting us on PH! That’s exactly right - while we were working at Thrillist leading up ad innovation we realized there were no resources that showcased what types of native ad campaigns brands were buying into and what other publishers were building... so we built Brandtale. Not only has it served it’s original purpose, as the go to research platform for native advertising, but seeing thousands of native ad campaigns go live has given us really interesting insight into the issues that still hinder the growth of these types of new digital ad campaigns. We’re super excited to take our learnings from Brandtale and continue to build products that help native advertising scale effectively.
@benpdarr @jay_dubbz @EricCandino : this seems like a great product. How did you come up with the idea for this? was it based on a problem that you all experienced whilst working at Thrillist with @benjlerer ?