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#4 Product of the DayJuly 17, 2018

Use brandquiz to build fully customizable mobile-friendly quizzes, calculators, surveys, smart forms, personality tests, lead pages & much more. In minutes and without coding.

It brings together everything you need to boost traffic, increase conversions, collect feedback & activate your audience in one powerful tool.

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  • Scott NewmanOwner, Coastal Fox

    Amazing UI, Great Form Builder


    No cons at the moment

    Brandquiz is an amazing tool that i use to create forms and surveys for my business. One of my favorite features of Brandquiz is the easy to use drag and drop from builder.

    Scott Newman has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Great UI, fully customizable, drag & drop, CSV & xls export


    None, support is doing a great job as well!

    We’ve done quite a few surveys and giveaways over the last couple months, brandquiz works flawlessly. Every element is easy to use and understand while being fully customizable at the same time. Works perfect for beginners and design experts alike.

    The desktop and mobile preview feature comes in very handy as well!

    Antoine Fauxpas has used this product for one month.


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Vlad A. GozmanMaker@vladgozman · Founder @ brandquiz
Hey Hunters! Vlad from the brandquiz team here. We're excited to release our interactive content builder today, giving you a more intuitive, simple, and powerful way to create fully customizable interactions with your audience, that help increase traffic, engagement and ultimately, conversions. The offerings for interactive content are many, and fragmented, as you probably use Playbuzz for quizzes, SurveyMonkey for surveys, Leadpages for lead generation, Wishpond for giveaways, Typeform for interactive forms, Outgrow for interactive calculators, Snapapp for bespoke customer journeys. And I could go on. With brandquiz we bring most of these use cases together and bundle everything you need to activate your audience, collect feedback, capture leads and increase conversions into a single product that will save you time & money, while driving up the engagement of your user base with branded interactive content. Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do with brandquiz: - create any type of interactive content in minutes, from quizzes, surveys and forms to calculators and lead gen pages - publish GDPR compliant content, with customizable opt-ins and data collection options - intuitively build projects per drag & drop, with granular customization options - access over 40 free to use design templates and customize them to fit your needs - embed interactive content in any website or use it as a standalone landing page - use several interactive content types, like ratings, multiple choice questions, sliders, input forms, opt-in checkboxes & many more - create bespoke customer journeys by using our multi-page, multi-step content layouts and our logic jumps feature - publish cost & price estimations on your website with our interactive numeric calculators - collect & send feedback & personal data to MailChimp & Mailjet through our native integrations - collect & send feedback & personal data to 1000+ services through our Zapier integration - analyse the performance of each one of your projects with our analytics dashboards - integrate a chat widget from Intercom or ConvertFox on your project - anonymize IP for Google Analytics and discourage search engine indexing And there are lots more, so you'll need to go on a hunt ;) PS: Pro tip - you can use your keyboard shortcuts to cut & paste within the brandquiz editor.
Thiago de Carvalho@thiagoafram · Founder @ Deer Designer
😍 ABSOLUTELY LOVE BRANDQUIZ 😍 Been using it for a while. Although I use Typeform for other stuff, I'm slowly migrating to brandquiz for some cool stuff that require a different UI. The support has been lightning fast on helping us too (Thanks @ichfloque) Here's a quiz I literally just posted: I'm using logic jump, gifs and iframe embed! Congrats guys!
Florian BurmannMaker@ichfloque · Lead Software Developer @ brandquiz
@thiagoafram Thanks a million, it is some first class content you're creating and we're always happy to help ;-)
Shaun Davis@shaun_davis
Brilliant app! The best and fastest quiz builder on the market :)
Vlad A. GozmanMaker@vladgozman · Founder @ brandquiz
Wow, thanks for the praise @shaun_davis 🔥
Sergiu Ardelean@sergiu_ardelean
great idea, great product
Florian BurmannMaker@ichfloque · Lead Software Developer @ brandquiz
@sergiu_ardelean thanks! we're looking forward to the great content you guys will create with it
Sergiu Ardelean@sergiu_ardelean
@ichfloque we too :) many thanks for creating such a cool tool!
Emanuele Capparelli@immanuelkapa · 🇮🇹 🚀 ⚙️ 💰 🗺️ 🤖 ⚡
Congrats @vladgozman & co-makers, it really seems to be a versatile content builder. One question though: coming from other form builders like Typeform or Surveymonkey, how does Brandquiz differentiate? Thanks!
Vlad A. GozmanMaker@vladgozman · Founder @ brandquiz
Thank you @immanuelkapa for your kind words & great question! We're thinking of brandquiz as the one-stop shop for all your interactive content needs, so one differentiator would be the breath of use cases we'll strive to cover. Secondly brandquiz allows you to fully customize the design and functionality of your content on a granular level, so it can be integrated seamlessly into your whole identity and workflow. Hope you can play around with it a bit and find out for yourself 😊
Emanuele Capparelli@immanuelkapa · 🇮🇹 🚀 ⚙️ 💰 🗺️ 🤖 ⚡
@vladgozman Customization is definitely a great feat! I hate the fact that you can immediately recognize when a form was created with Typeform, it makes it look cheap somehow. Kudos!
Vlad A. GozmanMaker@vladgozman · Founder @ brandquiz