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Brandpad is professional brand guidelines system. We provide a cloud-based platform, crafted by designers for designers, making it easy to deliver professional, functional, and beautiful brand guidelines.

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Hi, guys! I’m Espen, the CEO and one of the founders of Brandpad. Thanks to @knis for the hunt, you caught us a little bit of guard here 😀 We built Brandpad with professional brand designers and studios in mind. It’s a dedicated brand guidelines system made to help designers create and hand over web-based brand manuals. Most of our team has a background in the creative industry. We believe that every visual identity is unique and that their guideline should be too. Our system is based around a highly customizable ‘canvas' that lets designers structure, design and publish custom looking guidelines as interactive experiences. We’re officially still in beta and any feedback or comments are highly appreciated. I’ll be here to answer questions if there are any! EDIT: Btw, here's a video we put together of building an example brand guideline in the system:
(Skeleton is a template that will be added soon).
@knis @espengetz I'm really curious about your product, but doesn't look like Invision or UXPin?!
@emmanuel_b_lepage I guess you could say that we overlap somewhat with both those two (and other products too) considering that we help designers keep everything about a brand in one, dedicated place. However, our focus is a bit different from a traditional 'design system' company. First, our product is really made to deliver identities to clients (and to be used by clients and their partners too)—not just internally in a team where everyone is a designer. We feel that this requires a different approach and therefore you publish a guideline instead of including people in the system. Secondly, we focus on giving the designer the freedom to decide how that guideline should look, instead of providing a template to fill with content (we believe that just giving clients access to the assets won’t help them in using them correctly). There are a lot of good products out there for different angles on this. Our perspective is based on the professional brand designer/agency, and we feel that there is room for us there :)
@espengetz I agree with you, giving a design template is not really the best strategy a lot of time. But I think that design evangelization should be in the package deal, and designers should be paid more in consequence for it. Working myself with brand identities on the marketing side, having something that is actionable would be really useful. Maybe something more than a Trello board or a Figma board would be a better fit.
@emmanuel_b_lepage We totally agree that principles, practices/guides etc is something that should be in every identity project. Luckily we see that more and more people (normally clients) understand that a visual identity is more than just a logo and usually about the intangibles between the creative output. Our research leading up to Brandpad actually shows that creating powerful identities has very much to do with creating “brand usability” and a proper direction.
Enjoying this so far. I have some feedback I'll send over once I've spent some more time with the beta, but it's a promising start! Keep working on the feature set and I can see our team getting some great use out of Brandpad in the future.
@georgeshapter Appreciate that, George! Absolutely, we have a lot of ideas on the list and we're eager to see how it aligns with your feedback :)
@eivindml Ey! Thank you, good sir. Let's grab a beer soon!