The deep learning logo maker

Brandmark creates a unique logo, color scheme and website template in seconds. It uses deep learning to understand your stylistic intentions, creating a unique brand every time.

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Jack Qiao
free agent
hey guys I think there are a bunch of logo makers on PH now, but Brandmark has a slightly different take on the concept. Brandmark uses deep learning to make the design process quick and simple. It uses a conv net to search for unique icons, a GAN for color generation, and word vectors for style-intent extraction. I previously created for color generation and for font pairing. This product is sort of the "avengers assemble" moment where I combine and refine those concepts into something bigger. Here's a writeup on the deep learning techniques I used: let me know if you have any questions or comments!
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Saijo George
Digital Marketer
@jak_9994 looking good mate.
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Shyam PAssociate Principal
@jak_9994 very nice
This is awesome! Nice job! Could be useful when needing a logo for a quick MVP
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Gianni D'AlertaCo-founder Block5 Capital
Really well done. While I fear for designers with tools like these, I feel it gives some a head start. Well for the smart business minded designers this could be a very profitable tool. :) You may want to create a way for the designers to leverage this somehow as it seems that its geared to the end customer.
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ChrisSoftware Products and Services
@giannidalerta No need to fear for designers as there are more important tasks for them to focus on. I see this as a design method/tool, something we eventually build into the rest of our tools. That is not to replace designers, but rather to (hopefully) aid them.
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Ufo NguyenProduct
@chrismoyeris agreed with you. I see this tool as a simple fast way to get inspirations for the designers to speed up the brainstorming process of making logos.
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Dawson Whitfield
Founder @ Logojoy
amazing job Jack - especially love the weight matching of fonts and symbols
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