Branding checklist by Logaster

Check out the branding efficiency quickly at no cost!

How to find out that you use your logo effectively? Check it with our checklist! We put together more than 40 scopes of logo applications – just from online advertising and up to souvenir products. Select those suiting your business, and let them work for you.
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hey! Creating a cool logo isn’t enough. You must also find a smart way to use it. We put together all logo usages and made an online checklist based on it! Download free PDF version of this checklist to print it if you want. Let us know what you think 🤔
Oh, I didn’t even think that using my logo is so inefficient. Thank you guys, I'm already running to fix it)))
Good luck in promoting your logo))
I checked the effectiveness of my logo. I did not think that there would be such a low percentage. Is it only 18%. But thank you. I uploaded a PDF version to myself and now I’m better off promoting my logo.
We are very glad that we were able to help you.
Wow 40+ ideas for promoting the logo. Checked my logo and now I know in what direction I should move. Thanks for your checklist.
Always happy to help