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Brandie is a Facebook Messenger chatbot which is targeted at university students and freshers to help them supercharge their professional presence online by providing personalized & tailored insights based on their individual profiles. Message Brandie now to figure out where you stand and what you can do to improve your discoverability online!

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๐Ÿ‘‹ Hey guys! Huge thanks to Rahul for hunting us. So happy to be launching Brandie on the platform where it all started! (After using Ship for the beta). Why do we need something like this? Personal branding is how you present yourself so people remember you. And the interesting part is, weโ€™re already doing this without thinking about it. We all have social media profiles, but most people donโ€™t realize the value of a professional personal brand. What are the benefits of having a strong professional personal brand? - Network with potential employers - Control your image instead of random profiles showing up on Google Search - Grow your businesses How does Brandie help? - A personalized chatbot which walks you through the essentials of personal branding - Targeted primarily at university students & fresh graduates - The conversational flow makes sure beginners aren't overwhelmed at the procedure The Development Experience - It was my first time building a chatbot, and I have to thank the brilliant Facebook Messenger Bots community - which really helped me at times when I was stuck at silly things - I've come to appreciate how services like Heroku really make deployment so much easier - My first time building something completely on my own, the entire idea-design/branding-development-launch flow. Bonus point: I wrote an article about my entire experience, and it got featured in Chatbots Magazine, the leading resource for chatbot development on the internet! ๐ŸŒŸ
One of the coolest initiatives out there! Love how it creates a smooth transition with respect to conversional tone in making sure the user understands the important of his / her professional identity online. With additions of NLP, I think this has a long way to go ahead! And as an add-on, brilliant branding!
@tanishqsh96 Thank you for the kind words!

Brandie it's a tailored and user-friendly way to know how to kickstart your personal brand. I say "tailored" and "user-friendly" because these are its strengths: it's a chatbot so you don't have to learn a new interface, and these insights are tailored so you don't need to read useless things. Why invent a new UI/UX when there's already a suitable one for your product?


Tailored insights, easy to start using, useful tips


Maybe too basic (but to be honest, the maker already states that it's aimed to beginners)

Great review! Thanks for trying it out. I'd love to hear any suggestions you have for making it smarter. Let me know! ๐ŸŒŸ

its great and easy to use!


It doesnt give you complicated answers but simply amazing effective branding solutions.



Glad you like it! ๐ŸŒŸ
Hi! Loved this little idea. Any plan on expanding it? If yes, what and how will you expand?
@angelblan_co an idea that I thought of developing on was "choose a track" - where I could give a few popular job options like front end developer, product designer etc and provide relevant resources for them! Got any ideas- would love to hear because I'm really looking for suggestions for the power users. It works well for beginners, but I want something for people who are already doing the basics.
@madebytushar here you've some random brainstorm-like ideas that crossed my mind. I'm not sure if they're ok because most of them would make the app more like a monitoring coach than a beginner's guide: 1) Every-day reminder to follow new people on Twitter / tweet something / whatever activity is recommended to do on a daily basis to improve personal branding. 2) Suggest communities or people to follow around your niche (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook groups, etc.). 3) Ask everyday for the user's followers number so you can track the evolution and reward users with a "Congrats!" from the bot when a certain milestone is reached. 4) Suggest apps to manage and improve personal branding (maybe there's some monetization opportunity here?) 5) If a user lacks website / LinkedIn profile / whatever, ask him regularly if they already made it and encourage him if not. Let me know what do you think, I'd be more than happy to discuss further.
@angelblan_co Wow! Those are some great ideas. I followed you on Twitter, let's brainstorm and make Brandie better! ^.^