Branded reaction GIFs to surprise & delight your audience

BrandGifs is a way to create custom branded reaction gifs to use on your social posts and marketing materials. We all use gifs, so why not have your own custom ones!? BrandGifs allows you to brand and customize reaction gifs with your logo and brand background color. The end result? A collection of fun, creative, and branded reaction gifs!

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Love the idea. I don't know who you are targeting, but I would avoid targeting big companies (who have budgets to create their own + who dont want to see the sames GIFs on a competitor's social network), and just go with start-ups & small companies. I would pay 19/29$ a month to access hundrers and hundrerds of GIFs like these. We are an e-commerce agency, and I would love to have e-commerce related GIFs, like logo-packages being delivered/dropped, a working chain...etc
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Hey @joseph_ayoub, this is awesome feedback! Yeah, I’m targeting startup/SMBs with this product. Allowing a way to let the smaller fish look like bigger fish online. As you mentioned, I definitely want to create more GIF types over time and have a huge DB of options to choose from. This it stage 1 to put it out there and see if people respond well. And then start investing into more diversified and niche GIF templates. Thanks again for the support!
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@davepoly Definetly. Something that could be bought by Shopify at some point to do something like they did with Burst.
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Hey Product Hunters! Dave here and I am the creator of BrandGifs ( This is a side project for me that I started after getting some great feedback on a handful of custom reaction gifs I created. (More on that below). I noticed that as gifs become more and more a part of how we communicate, they were also starting to become a medium for brands to incorporate their branding for brand awareness on social. I saw this happening with big companies and celebrities but I wanted to provide a platform for anybody (even a startup) to create their own branded gifs. 🤔❓ WHAT'S THE BACKSTORY HERE? ❓🤔 Great question! For one of my full-time businesses, I wanted to create some fun and unique marketing material to use on our social channels and website. As an excited new startup owner does, I ordered us branded t-shirts and organized a photo shoot to take pictures of us in them. During the shoot, I wanted to try something new. I had the photographer take 2-3 second videos of us doing popular reactions and turn them into reaction gifs. The end result was something super super cool. I posted about this on a few community sites and I got a great response. Others wanted the ability to do the same thing for their brand but they didn't have the talent or time to do something like that. I then got the idea to make it super simple for others to do the same by providing the talent and service. All a brand needs to do is provide their branding and select the gifs they want! 🤔❓ HOW DOES IT WORK? ❓🤔 Step 1: We offer a few BrandGifs packages included a FREE BrandGifs gif. Select which package you want. Step 2: Select which color background you want as the backdrop to your BrandGifs and upload the logo you want to be included on the shirt of the models. Step 3: Provide your BrandGifs delivery information. We create every BrandGifs gif by hand so once you submit your order, one of our Creators is hard at work completing your order. Within 24 to 48 hours you will receive your BrandGifs package via the email address you provided! 🎁 SPECIAL PRODUCT HUNT OFFER 🎁 Just for finding us on Product Hunt, we are giving you a 50% OFF your 9 BrandGifs package. Just follow the website link in our Product Hunt product page! Let me know your feedback and questions. Cheers! Dave
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As a digital marketer myself, I think this is a fantastic way to streamline the development of branded assets.. Would be great to also upload gifs as sticker kits on keyboards.


A great way to easily create engaging content!


Would love to see more characters to select from.

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Literally looking at making something simular but this is much easier...
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@jamiegalbreath Thanks for the support! Any types of GIFs you want to see as options to choose from that aren’t there now?
Great job!😊 Will check it out
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@ayush_chandra Thank you! I look forward to your feedback. 😃