Store, share, and showcase your assets in one place with Brandfolder, the world's most powerfully simple digital asset management software.

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Same problem Brandistry is trying to solve. I am unclear how big a problem this really is
Brand folder is awesome and signing up for one is free. Has anyone ever had someone use an old logo for your company?
Graham the man! Hull is using Brandfolder, keeping our brand assets needly organized. No- brainer. BTW - the related link "brandiistry" is broken.
Hey Hunters....thanks for taking a look at us! What we are right now is a simple way to organize & share your brand assets (logos, product shots, bios, etc). Most of our customers are making the switch from messy Dropbox folders and our Net Promoter Score is telling us we're doing something right in this area. What we aim to be, however, is the destination site for anybody needing to easily access this stuff across companies (which is up in it's MVP form at Need a partner logo? Grab it from their Brandfolder. It's standardizing a daily process that currently has no standard at all. Jon, this is a clear differentiation from Brandisty and some of the other solutions out there.
Hey gang - we're really testing if that second message Paul shared (one go to source for official assets) resonates with anyone. A simple yes/no + why would be much appreciated. I, for one, am a fan of going to one place to find what I need and move on (I have a LinkedIn tab open in my browser at all times or if I don't and Google one of you, that's where I end up). I also prefer to use accurate information. Even if folks aren't coming to in droves, we're SEO'ing to lead to company-controlled assets (e.g. Google "Brightnest logo"). We have work to do here, so anyone with thoughts on that front please chime in. Thanks all, Brian