Brands at your fingertips ✨

Simply enter a company's name and instantly get its corresponding brand assets into Adobe XD.

✔️Logo and social media icon
✔️Colors (vibrant, dark & light)
✔️Fonts (title & paragraph)
✔️Images (banner, website images)
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My favorite Figma plugin is now also available on Adobe XD! Just enter a company name and instantly get its brand assets. Huge time saver + consistency for your work.
Hi PH 👋 First, thank you for hunting us @prodibi_olivier, today we are excited to announce the launch of our Adobe XD integration, this has been our most requested plugin, and we hope it will empower designers! Whether you’re searching for a customers’ logo, looking to prototype with real-world data, or quickly want to access your own brand, this integration will save you a lot of time. And in addition to the launch of our integration, we’re also pleased to share that Brandfetch is supported by the Adobe Fund for Design 🎉 We couldn’t be more excited to see the support of Adobe in our mission to make brands accessible and feel this integration will not only be valuable to us but to the design industry as a whole. Let us know what you think!
Cool idea 👌 I wish this available earlier.. I remember using the inspect tool to figure out the colors use for some of my favorite websites and stealing the svg icons.. good times
@richard_ottley2 Thanks Richard!