#3 Product of the DaySeptember 03, 2019
Tired of looking for a company's logo?

The Brandfetch plugin will save you time. Simply enter a website, and instantly gets the corresponding logo back directly into Figma.

It's fast, easy and effective!
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This is a nifty plugin. Thanks for making it. I've been using it since day one. I have one small suggestion/feedback - While adding the brand logo, an svg would be preferable instead of a png.
@nitinrgupta Thanks Nitin, we'll make V2 much better! I appreciate you being there from day one.
I have been following the work of the Brandfetch's team for a while and I was thrilled to see that they created a plugin for Figma. This is a natural next step for their very successful personalization API that helps you gather branding data from any company. Give it a try!
Thank you @prodibi_olivier for hunting us. Brandfetch's goal is to index all brands and make them accessible, and today we are happy to announce our first integration. The plugin is powered by our Personalization API and it is super easy to use, enter a website, and get the corresponding logo back directly into Figma. Currently, the plugin has 8500+ users and we've received a lot of feedback on how to improve it, the most frequent request is to get the SVG version of the logo! What would you like to see for V2? What are other integrations we should explore? P.S. Get notified when we launch our Brand Search Engine: https://www.brandfetch.io/!
You saved my day ! Pro: This plugin can get the logo of most websites, including the website or brand is not well known. Cons: Maybe it'll be better/easier if allow me to insert many urls at once then submit ?
@hoang_ngoc_tan Indeed a good suggestion Hoang, added on our backlog!
Love this plugin! Works flawlessly
@dylanfeltus Thanks Dylan!