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Thanks @kwdinc! We're very exciting to share the new with the Product Hunt community. The new is a complete redesign from the top down, and we added a few new big features like blogging and social features to enable people to build a following and audience for their content. started as a product that enabled people to build a completely customizable web page about themselves in minutes. A lot of people liked the product, but struggled to build their own sources of traffic to get exposure to the site and themselves. We solved that by creating a community of professionals to network with which you will not find in any other web page builder. That said, is much more than a unique web page builder. It's a community of forward thinking professionals who learn from one another, create together, and push careers forward. I'll be around throughout the day if anyone has any questions. Thanks!
@nickmacario @kwdinc really nice design. Congrats and well done.
@huntergray @kwdinc thank you. appreciate it! was hunted earlier. Their first version helped you automatically create a professional web page based on your Linkedin Info. In their current version, automates the process of building a web page by signing up with an existing social media account and using information from your profile. Customize it to your preference and connect a personalized domain name. Share your perspective and demonstrate your abilities and thought process to potential hiring managers and a community of professionals. Meet and connect with creators, industry experts, and peers by being recommended by social graph analysis matching.
@kwdinc I feel is better.
Congrats Nick! Holy cow, you've made amazing progress since we were in our "founder's group" therapy sessions way back when...nice job!
Thanks @sailornathan! Likewise!
It'd be great to see a list of features or examples before signing up.
Thanks for the suggestion @maxwellhallel. Did you scroll the home page or are you looking for more specific web page editing features?
@nickmacario The "See how we do it button" wasn't working for me. Reloaded the page instead of scrolling down. This is on Windows 10 + Chrome. I was confused about what's happening before I scrolled down myself and that wasn't instantly obvious.
@nickmacario At least on mobile, this is all I can see on the homepage
@maxwellhallel the good news is you're 100% charged! So we did scale back the mobile landing page a bit, which explains why you're not seeing the slides I mentioned. The intent was to focus on conversion(less distractions), but I see your point, and will make adjustments. Thanks for the feedback!
@vr3690 mind sharing your resolution? We're on Mac but it's working fine in browserstack.
I have created an account but have no way to adjust my information on my page. Or at least I can't find it. For my bio, experience, projects, etc.
@zacattac make sure you upgrade your theme if you were with us prior to v2. Should see a big panel in the Design editor prompting you to upgrade your theme.