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Automatically generated website based on your LinkedIn.

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I've received so many 'invitations' on linkedin from people who seem to not even know they were sending invitations. Deceptive black hat marketing tactics and pretending to be your users so you can spam their friends is pretty shady. Please cut that crap out and just make a good product.
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Someone has been spamming me on linked in with this, I decided to ignore it. Did anyone try it, is it any good?
@saijo_george tried this out last night, wasn't expecting much (figured it was just another auto resume tool), but was honestly SUPER surprised and impressed. Really goes beyond anything currently on the market with this level of automation. Generated a very sleek, high quality personal website in under 15/20 mins. Automatically took care of about 90% of the work. Spent another 10-15 mins making some light copy edits, but that was it. Published the site for free, took me maybe 20 mins start to finish. Think their main template is a lot more sophisticated looking than other products in this category. Lot of savvy profile features (like the clickable timeline feature you'll see here): May honestly replace my current website with the page this generated for me. Again very surprised by this. Think the level of automation also opens up the door to a lot more users who may not have previously considered something like this. Think my grandparents could easily navigate/use this tool for example.
@jadenyc thanks, I did try and and found it to be quite nice.
I really don't want to give this permission to send messages and invitations to people. I would imagine it could work just fine without needing to connect my profile at all.
Lot's of spam from invitations of people that are not even connected to me.