Branded Background

Create a branded virtual background for your Zoom calls

Branded Background is a quick and easy tool for bringing your logo and brand to your Zoom calls. Simply create a branded background, upload to Zoom, and you’re good to go!
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Hey PH! Over the past couple of weeks, @adammarx13 and I have been working on creating Branded Background, and we’re pleased to launch it today. As social distancing has required us to spend more and more time on video conferences, use of tools like Zoom has exploded. And that means potentially hundreds of new eyes on your and your brand. So naturally it occurred to us that there could be a way to make company branding even better. With this MVP of Branded Background, simply choose a stock photo from our selection, upload and resize your company logo to your liking, and then export to use as a new Zoom chat background. Simply upload the exported file to Zoom and you’re good to go! We’re working hard to add more integrations so that you can have more stock photo options to choose from and upload your own photos to use for your logo backgrounds. We would love to have you check out Branded Background and let us know what you think! PS: Tag us on Twitter with your new Branded Background and we'll retweet it during launch!
@mubashariqbal So glad that we had the opportunity to build this together dude, and excited to launch it today! 🚀 I knew when we started discussing the idea that there was a lot of potential here and some of the feedback we've been receiving from early testers has been super positive. Great marketing truly does start with having one uniform brand and vision, and with Branded Background, I'm super stoked that we could create an easy tool for helping others improve their branding. 😎👍 One of the things I think more and more about -- especially as I see posts from colleagues on Twitter and LinkedIn -- is how one's personal or company brand strategy is having to change in the Covid-19 era. People are facing a lot of new challenges, but perhaps also some new opportunities as WFH becomes more common and easier to manage. I'm thrilled that we've built a tool to help people make their Zoom meetings even more productive! 📽️🔥
@mubashariqbal @adammarx13 I'm on to you guys, you know. You don't sleep. You breathe in ideas and exhale products. You eat problems for breakfast which strengthen your bones for the heavy lifting. Your middle names are Ship and Deliver. I've got an eye on you.
@adammarx13 @kikischirr OMG I think that's the best description of me that I've ever read 😃
@mubashariqbal @kikischirr Omg Kiki, Mubs is right -- this might be the most brilliant description I've ever read on PH and I'm so incredibly humbled! 😃
@mubashariqbal @adammarx13 Well, Adam, you should definitely change your Twitter profile to read Adam "I Deliver" Marx for at least three days to show your sincerity ;)
Great tool. Will surely give it a try. Cheers.
@dzrmb Thanks Daniel, let us know what you think!
@dzrmb Looking forward to hearing your feedback Daniel. :)
Looks awesome Mubs!
@daviswbaer Thanks Davis!
@daviswbaer Thanks so much, we were happy to build it!
Nice fun, useful little app guys! : ) Lovely simple UX too. Well done.
@craigjbarber Thanks Craig!
@craigjbarber Thanks Craig, super appreciate it dude!
So excited to check this out!
@nikkielizdemere Awesome, let us know what you think!
@nikkielizdemere Thank you so much for your amazing support! :)