Brand24 Mobile App 2.0

Online mentions relevant to your brand at your fingertips.

#5 Product of the DayJune 01, 2017

Brand24 Mobile App 2.0 is the perfect companion app for Brand24 social media monitoring and analytics tool. Designed so you can conveniently track and engage real-time conversations about your brand and products, wherever you are.

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Best brand monitoring tool ever. The team from Brand24 is amazing! :) Happy to have a mobile app, it's absolutely helpful in case you work and travel. Congrats guys!!!
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@angeliquetoque Thank you!! 💜 Nothing more motivating for us than knowing that we can be a part of making our lovely users' work (or dare I say life ;P ) a little easier 😊 Hope you'll make a great use of the app!
The best product when it comes to social media monitoring. I love it ❤
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@monikaciemiecka I can't seem to find but what social media does it monitor? Only twitter?
@mkorevec @monikaciemiecka Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, blogs, news sites, forums... pretty much everything ;)
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@pawelkadysz @mkorevec That's exactly right! You are more than welcome to test its full power with a free trial account :D
@mkorevec Exactly! Brand24 monitors everything mentioned by @pawelkadysz :)
@pawelkadysz @monikaciemiecka @i_sekowska Awesome, will give it a go, quite amazing if you can scrape so much of the internet. Great job!
@ksy Music to my ears! 😀
Hey, everyone! I'm very excited to share with you what our team was working on recently... Lemme present our revamped, way faster and more intuitive mobile app! ⚡⚡⚡ Finally - a perfect solution for social media monitoring on the go! :) It has all the key features of our web tool and you can give it a go totally for free! Check it out and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts 😸
Nice work! I can't wait to test it 👍
@maciejdulski Awesome! 👊 Let me know if you like it!