Brand Trust Platform by Conversio

Empower your customers to represent your true brand.

We have given an elite few influencers the right to market manicured, insincere products and experiences on social media. This is not real or authentic

The Brand Trust Platform is about inclusion and diversity. It gives back the power to your real customers and empowers them represent your true brand. More opinions and perspectives; not less.

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👋🏻 Product Hunters! I'm Adii, founder @ Conversio, and very excited to announce our new Brand Trust Platform. AMA. We built this, because we believe that the next, big Ecommerce brands will focus on building real relationships with their customers and crafting a brand those customers absolutely love. All of their interactions with their customers will be smarter, richer, more personal and better timed. Conversations will be kinder and rooted in mutual trust. While it is early days yet, there are a couple of emerging trends that are fueling our ambition and inspiration: - "Big tech", "data privacy" and "scandal" are words that are now part of our every day vocabulary. - For businesses, it's increasingly hard to get attention on social media, even when they have a longstanding, "loyal" audience. It's become pay-to-play and the unit economics are not viable for 99% of businesses. - We have created a whole new category of marketing: influencer marketing. As users of any social media platform, we now get a bunch of curated, inauthentic content promoting things we don't need. But hey, FOMO. - We live in countries where inequality is rife and to some extent we're more divided than ever. This is at least partly because we have given an elite few people an over-sized microphone on our channels and thus undue attention and influence. - Judging by success of Calm, The New Headspace and Oak (amongst others), we are expressing a desire to quieten and declutter our days. More signal, less noise. Real connections versus fleeting interactions. At Conversio, we're making a bet that these trends will continue and our Brand Trust Platform is just the first product we hope to launch to be part of this evolution to greater kindness, authenticity and inclusion.
Congrats on this release, Adii! Couldn't agree more with the mission & vision. Brands that rely on transactional relationships are dead in the water. Awesome to see your team doubling down on this!
@stuartarsenault Thanks. 😉
This looks so great @adii and team 😃
This is cool. I think the main value prop I see is "Embed customer reviews and photos anywhere." I haven't seen that done well, at scale, yet. 👍
We don’t have scale just yet, but we have worked with some brands that have been early adopters and they have seen great results. So we’re making a bet that this is a space that will continue to grow.