Brand Mulligan

Oh, good grief, another newsletter.

Nobody really ever wants to talk about the mistakes and failures that happen in business. But we do! Brand Mulligan is a weekly(ish) newsletter that servces up real-world examples from fonuders of successful, and unsuccesful, companies.
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Hey Product Hunters, Thank you for checking out yet another newsletter project! The problem: You have a lot of newsletters that are just about news and then you have a lot of newsletters that are just about hyping you up. That's cool. But what about something with actionable insight? Or stories about a founder's failures that make you say "oh, dang, I can relate!" What if you could take their experience and implement it into your idea or business before the inevitable happens? The inevitable failures. The solution: Brand Mulligan. Launching a business of any sort isn't easy. But getting insight and stories from founders who already did the failing might be the best "real world" experience that you can learn from before you hit the ground running, or crash and burn. Anyway, that's all folks. Any questions please do comment or tweet me @bnjmnsrmn. And if you have a story to share then please visit this link: