Version-controlled collaboration workflow in Sketch

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This is an exciting new release from the guys at With Artboards, designers can collaborate on designs in Sketch, and keep a version history for each artboard, commenting on designs and gathering feedback from team members throughout the design process. There's a lot more competition in this space than in recent years (InVision, Zeplin, etc) — which is all very exciting, considering how much time I'm spending in Sketch post Uber! :)
Thanks for hunting us, @chrismessina! We're excited to officially launch Artboards here. With Artboards, we're bringing version-controlled design collaboration workflow to Sketch. Designers can collaborate on designs, keep a version history for each artboard, comment on designs and gather feedback from team members throughout the design process. Check out our blog post for the full story: We’ve built the web platform to help teams manage and use a design system. We’re thinking of artboards as the expression of your design system. Artboards stored in are connected to the library they're created from, so as the library evolves, you can easily update artboards with new symbols or styles. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!
We have been testing at Starbucks over the past few weeks and I have been continually impressed with how responsive the team has been in addressing our needs. I am super excited to see the new feature roll out as we are in the midst of building more modularity for our apps across markets. The less tied to files we are, the better life is and with we are able to put out new 'releases' of our style guide to many people at once. Thanks to the team for creating such a kickass product!
@squire225 Thanks, Todd! We really appreciate all the feedback and you helping shape the product.
I love this. It will be a life saver, I need version control when I design because I change my opinion too much and too often. Then I can't find the old design.
@ehudhal I'd be very interested how you are storing the different version. Are you uploading entire artboards or just the changes from one version to the next like in code version control?
@mfts0 Hi Marc, sorry can't discuss these technical details yet. At a high level, we store the data that's needed to reproduce the versions as well as the connectivity to the respective design system.