E-Commerce software for sellers listing in multiple markets

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In the USA, we've got Amazon, but in Asia, there are dozens of platforms that matter. Most e-commerce sellers have to manually add and maintain products and prices manually across dozens of platforms, but normally they only have time to do one or two. When they list on more markets, they make more money, and Branch8 has actually gone and made it simple for them to do it. The founders found out about the problem because they were sellers on these marketplaces themselves. Now they're in the YC S15 batch.
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Hi folks, I am one of the Branch8's co-founder. We started off as a seller selling across multiple marketplaces in Asia and eventually hit an operational bottle neck with 3 marketplaces. Branch8 was created to solve this pain point. We enable sellers to scale to many marketplaces without increasing effort. Happy to answer any questions or email me at
@_jacka you great solution to what is a massive pain for many marketplace sellers. It is also very clear where your consumers are and can be found. We are building something similar but just for our designers on @crowdyhouse. Will you also be looking to aggregate customer service from the various marketplaces? That could be killer!
@mark_studholme We haven't look into aggregating customer service yet because many customer service can be done with the seller's email inbox (hopefully they are already aggregated). As we expand our feature set, we will definitely consolidate it.
These guys rock.
This is very intriguing - being able to centrally manage product inventory, and then 'syndicate' it across multiple merchant-publishers is something I've been on the lookout for. Closing that real-time purchase and inventory loop and making sure you can fulfill all orders without running out of product seems key. I've been keeping an eye on companies like Shopseen for this kind of approach. Will certainly dig into this.
@jydesign Thanks James. This was exactly the pain we felt. It was difficult to manage and keep track of stocks across marketplaces. Branch8 simplifies this and syncs it across different marketplaces when an order is placed. Give us a spin and let me know how it goes
@eltonchan Dude, I didn't know you were making this! I read about it in the TechCrunch article by Jon Russell. We should discuss IRL. +1 For more great Hong Kong startups!