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Hi ProductHunters, and thanks to @frank_denbow for discovering us! The Brainscape team is proud to announce the launch of Brainscape 2.0 -- the world's easiest way to study any topic. Brainscape lets you find, create, or share "smart flashcards" for any subject, and study them using a gamified adaptive learning algorithm that is scientifically proven to double your learning speed. After a few years focused on creating & improving the top iOS app for students and professionals of all ages, we have just (finally) launched on Android, making it possible to use Brainscape on any major mobile platform or web browser, and to keep all your content and progress in sync. Brainscape is free to use on any platform, and if you want access to premium content or features, you can use the discount code 15OFFPRO on our pricing screen to get an exclusive 15% off discount! Key Brainscape 2.0 features: * Find flashcards for > 1 million subjects, created by content experts, publishers, and top students & professors * Create your own flashcards and share them with students, friends, or employees * Study using our unique Confidence-Based Repetition method, which asks you to rate your confidence on each flashcard (on a 1-5 scale), and repeats cards in the right interval for your pace of learning * Track your learning (and your peers' learning) using a variety of motivating metrics that help you build solid study habits We hope you enjoy learning faster with Brainscape, and we look forward to your feedback!
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Really happy about the Android launch! Super cool... have known friends who have used it with much success, and really looking forward to giving it a go myself! Time change it to "si, hablo espanol!"
Big fan of Brianscape. Incredibly simple and useful tool for learning on-the-go. I've used it to brush up on my bartending knowledge, seed investor terms and ruby on rails. Excited to see what other subjects the community creates.
@harryraymond Wow - The CEO of Drinkeasy using Brainscape for bartending knowledge? That says a lot! Thanks for your support
Andrew and his team continue to push the envelope to provide a valuable experience. Brainscape 1.0 was an amazing learning tool and now it is even better! Thanks for the continued development and the optimization of this great app!

Love the fantastic system for revising, I've used it for years now come exam time to learn everything that I've needed, works great. Cross-Platform sync is fantastic, and the Web App and iOS apps are great. The Android app is janky and not especially functional, feels neglected, which is dissappointing.


Fantastics Tool for Revising


The Android App isn't very good