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@krrishd yeah, there is much similarities to Stack Overflow, but the niche is totally different. Targetting to 13-19 y.o. requires us to build this product being very simple and fast. School students demand speed. Our goal is to have 80% of the questions answered, and very important - explained - within 10 minutes from being posted.
@kraustomasz haha just tried it out for my personal use, and got an answer within 3 minutes. kudos, this is really awesome!
@krrishd thank you :) speed is one of our key differentiators
This is pretty interesting! Seems analogous to something like Stack Overflow, except for homework, which is definitely something students (like myself) would benefit from using. It also reminds me somewhat of Reddit's /r/HomeworkHelp ( community, which I'm sure would be interested in this as well.
@tommaxwelll thank you for your opinion. We often hear about being shortcut platform. For us we see it quite like Wikipedia. From Wikipedia you can take whole paragraph of one article without even understanding it, which is bad behavior. On the contrary, if you read 5 articles, add your conclusions and your own input, then it is proper usage. Same with Brainly. Our mission is to provide as many explanations as possible along with the responses, this is reflected on our product roadmap, where we focus on "inspiring students to acquire more knowledge"
Sounds like a good way to cheat on homework. Another would be, which allows you to input problems from algebra, geometry, and many other fields of math and get a response with steps back immediately.