Note taking and mind mapping combined in one app

#3 Product of the DayMarch 24, 2020
Note taking and mind mapping combined in one app.
Your brain works visually. And your notes can too.
It works on the Web, Mac, Windows. Linux and mobile app coming soon.
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out! I think you should add more documents limit. Free users like me should not be restricted for only 10 documents as it tends to increase the Uninstall rate of it and I guess every use case is different for this. I hope you take it as a feedback and add more in next updates or releases.
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@ayushchandra Hi Ayush, you are right. We are currently playing with the pricing model and it's very likely we remove the limit completely. Stay tuned. In the mean time, you can reach out to us to get a promo code to get 2 years for free. Just drop us a message on fb:
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@ayushchandra thank you for the feedback. We are considering different pricing models - free plan with unlimited documents but without some features/free plan for an offline version. Professional plan with features like online collaboration, public sharing, time machine, etc./or just for online mode. Another option is a one-time payment app with free updates for 12 months. Right now, we are at the beginning. After we collect data for a few weeks, we will do some analysis to come up with a viable model. Our advantage is that we are a micro team so we don't have very high costs. On the other hand, we are a cloud service so we are paying for computing time and infrastructure.
It's way better than evernote, great idea to implement conversion between text and mind map. Can't wait for further progress.
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@milan_valusek Thank you for your feedback. There are lots of things on the roadmap (mobile app, picture upload, kindle sync, etc.). So stay tuned ;)
Simple design, great features.
@ondrej_havlena can I ask you for Promo code?
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Great app! It makes sence to use such simple but in same time great app with user friedly features and variable options. Go for it!
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WriteMapper 2 does something similar but Brainio appears to be much more practical and intuitive. It allows you to see the entire text you’ve written in plain markdown, side by side with the mind map! Seems perfect for writing long-form content. Haven’t tried it yet but excited to do so!
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@anna_0x thank you for the comment. We would like to hear your feedback after you try it :)