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This is going to start a lot of new companies ๐Ÿ˜‰ loving this creative outlet. As a mad woman, I find this INCREDIBLY valuable. Looking forward to keeping an eye out for users contributing ideas to my clients! As far as a business model for Braineet, have you thought about monetizing via allowing brands to start the conversation and ask users what they think?
@ttayl0r Thanks a lot Taylor! You are right, brands asking users what they think could be a revenue stream. I guess you're thinking further than Idea Challenges already in motion: what if brands could test ideas in real time to get massive feedback that will help decision-making? Is that what you have in mind? How would you suggest we implement it? Thanks for sharing your ideas with us :)
@jlivescault that would be amazing. We already pay for testing, but we don't have a way to get feedback directly from our audience. I see this as a really valuable tool that advertisers/marketers can use to their advantage. Not sure how you can implement -- it would need to be an offline business conversation, but as far as acquiring users to join that conversation -- they could get points or something & those points can get [trial] products / discounts from the brand acquiring feedback through Braineet. Make sense?
@ttayl0r It does make a lot of sense :) I see 2 types of tests: 1. Testing ideas, ie projects in brands' pipeline to minimize the risk of launching a new product/service => That could definitely be done online. Either on our public platform or on a private platform made for this between the brand and identified ambassadors. 2. Testing the actual prototype => The prototype would be physically sent to identified ambassadors and they would share their feedback both on Braineet, on a private platform, and offline.
@jlivescault @ttayl0r we should chat Jonathan. This is a chunk of how we generate revenue at @Gearmunk (an app for outdoor gear discovery) and I'm happy to share some of what we've done with you (some of our tech is proprietary). ping me if you're interested. erik /at/ gearmunk /dot/ com. Really digging Braineet.
@erikboles @ttayl0r With great pleasure Erik, thanks a lot. I'll ping you.
Thank you all for bringing Braineet in the "100 upvote club". We are really excited to share with you this major release. Our objective is that you'll never ever lose a smart idea again and that brands keep innovating to make your experience better. Because we all love PH, we've launched a special Idea Challenge for Hunters to brainstorm about their PH's experience, we hope you'll enjoy it :) Please do share with us all your ideas to make Braineet better and to make more brands join in, we're looking forward to discussing them with you guys.
Nice idea! I like it
@jlivescault - currently the app store is in french, is there an english version to see how it works :) Also - I don't think you should force people to sign up on the site, they should be able to navigate around the site before... Try before you 'buy'
Hey Ben, you're totally right : I'd like to change the Android and iPhone url, can you pls tell me how ? Of course, Hunters can try before signing up in here : :)
@jlivescault DM me on twitter :)