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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 17, 2015
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Awesome resource. @aaazavyalov put together a collection of Bite-Sized Learning products a few weeks ago. Instanerd is one of my favorites.
A place for curious people - where you can find videos about marsupials next to videos about what causes the smell after the rain. Videos are starred by users, so you can either look for topics that interest you are follow the crowd. Your choice. @omaridau tell us about Brain Pump.
Hey there Product Hunters! First of all, thank you for sharing @corleyh :) The idea for brain pump came about as I found myself subscribing to more and more educational channels on YouTube. I thought that the experience would improve dramatically if relevant videos (that I have not seen before) automatically started playing after I was done watching the current one. The brain pump beta ( was launched a couple of months ago in September. Since then, we got a tonne of awesome feedback from our users, and today, I’m very excited to announce the release of Brain Pump 1.0. There has been a lot of changes, along with an entire re-design and re-build. Would love your guys’ take on it :)
I must admit, my first thought was "not another run-of-the-mill content curation service". But after watching a couple of random (and entertaining) vids, thanks to the help of the neat categorizations, I can say that this has potential. One thing I feel this will struggle with is having a strong trigger or pull-effect that will prompt the user to come back. Right now I've watched 3 videos, enjoyed them, and will close my tab. What's going to get me to come back to it (considering that most of these videos are already viewable on youtube et al)? Getting that mind share will be key.
What'd you learn from the beta? How many users were involved?
@dshan during the open beta, we served >400k videos to over 65k uniques. A lot of feature requests rolled in as a result. (which is great news!) The most requested feature was for a bookmarking function, where users could build up a personal library of videos they're interested in. This request was combined with another request for a like button or upvote/downvote system. I added a 'star' button that (hopefully) covers the two use cases, all starred videos are private and will appear under the user's profile. Stars also contribute to video rankings. Also, people wanted a way to browse all the videos in a particular category/topic instead of being forced to play them all via the player, which I can understand can get annoying. This release definitely has a lot more emphasis on the discovery of awesome content, without taking away too much from the centrepiece of the site; the brain pump player.
@omaridau Very cool. I like the slow iteration towards actions and their effects.
Great execution. Are you planning something audio-only like e.g. a podcast? Would be handy, if you're on the road for instance.
@oemerax we're going to experiment with a few different formats (other than video) in the coming weeks. Audio will definitely be an interesting one. What kind of audio content would you, personally, be interested in? (in terms of topics/categories)