Braava Jet

Roomba’s first robotic mopping machine

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My mom is going to love this. It's basically a Roomba combined with a Swiffer, and it's only $199. Great article on @WIRED about it
This isn't their first mopping or sweeping robot... It's basically a smaller version of the existing Braava geared towards kitchens and bathrooms and limited to covering 200 sq feet
@joelle_writes Oops 😳 I misread the wired article I shared. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought they were referring to the Jet when they said Braava was the first.
Title is misleading, as Joelle says, it's just a new version.
And Braava wasn't their first mop... I used to own an iRobot Scooba about 6 years ago.
Nice appliance. electric or chargeable?