24/7 Health Tracking Smartwatch with Live 3D UI

BozGo is a fitness tracker and smart watch with a 5 day battery.

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Cool watch!!!
This watch has no chance. So many failed health watches and still they think they foubd the right solution? Oh well, as a disposable watch mayne will have some success.
The price point seems USD $39/$49 seems too low for a viable product. The whole team, although obviously of strong Eastern descent have all overly, Western and short names with some being way too obviously fake, even for actual nicknames, most of the team has 3/4/5 letter "American cool" names... Why would they hide their names in the first place? Also the team roles look way too cherry picked with just 2/3 doing any actual work for development. The timeline is obviously fake, 1 month for hardware design and 2 months for software design, and a bunch of other months for other tasks that comparatively don't take as long. That said, I want one of this watches but the "fake radar" is pinging too strong right now.
Great job!! 😊 Would love to feature this product on my tech website , do you mind sending an review unit to India. Can we have an steel straps if some one likes them, Can we expect more functionality in this apart from health , style and other better and different features.