Inbox by Gmail, finally on your Mac

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Fabrizio Rinaldi
@linuz90 · filmmaker
Hello again everyone. THANKS for all the love and support, this means much for us. We're seriously amazed by everything that's happening. I and @frankdilo wanted to take a moment to share with you what's happening. We received tons of emails with everything from bug reports, feature requests or questions of any kind. This already proved to be fundamental fo… See more
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Fabrizio Rinaldi
@linuz90 · filmmaker
Hello Product Hunters! I’m super excited to be here. Thanks so much @chrismessina for testing our app and hunting it! I’m the designer of Boxy, and @frankdilo is the developer. Boxy is a feature-rich Mac client for Inbox by Gmail. We are wrapping the Inbox web interface in a native OS X app that supports notifications, default email client setting, common … See more
Marius Masalar
@mostlymarius · Tech Writer, Photographer
Insta-buy for me—I love Inbox and now it's like I have a native app for it. Brilliant work, folks. Only thing I'm not a fan of so far is the Compose button...the fact that the label overlaps the account switcher on hover seems messy. I'd rather it be a FAB like on the web or somewhere on the left side of the menu bar. Minor quibble but that's just not intuit… See more
Jason Rappaport
@goldenchaos · Founder and CEO, Squareknot
Been using a Fluid app with Inbox for months, ever since Mailbox became abandonware. Since I used Fabrizio's icon for my Fluid app, I was seriously anticipating this. It's lightyears ahead of using the browser version, and a total joy to use. I *really* wish it had full-screen/split-screen support, though; it's the only app on my Mac that doesn't, and it rea… See more
kacy fortner
@kacyf · Engineer, Perfect Audience
What a beautiful app! I have a quick question. I've noticed that you have "common OS X keyboard shortcuts", but do you have VIM shortcuts or do you plan to add them? It's probably my most favorite feature from Gmail, Sparrow, and Mailbox. Thanks!
Ouriel Ohayon
@ourielohayon · appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
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