Inbox by Gmail, finally on your Mac

#4 Product of the MonthDecember 2015

Boxy is the best Inbox by Gmail client for Mac, with a sleek and polished interace, and many native features like Push Notifications, Reader Mode and Markdown Support.

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Hello Product Hunters! I’m super excited to be here. Thanks so much @chrismessina for testing our app and hunting it! I’m the designer of Boxy, and @frankdilo is the developer. Boxy is a feature-rich Mac client for Inbox by Gmail. We are wrapping the Inbox web interface in a native OS X app that supports notifications, default email client setting, common OS X keyboard shortcuts and multiple accounts. We’ve been working for months to make it work and look great. Among are favorite features there are a Dark theme and a Reader mode (which we love using to read newsletter comfortably, without the distraction of the full interface). We’re also pretty excited about our roadmap for future versions, and we’d love to hear what you think! You can reach us on Twitter at @getboxy or via email at Cheers! PS: here are some coupon codes for you! TTYP9LEAEXE6 33FHXRAKMREP WM9L4PRWAWTH EYN4W47M9XE9 NLJ7X347NYKX A4YJ9J7TLH4T Y77K43MWKRKT HAX9KXPK3EAK MXLM7EJL7F4A 4LX9ATFY777H
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@linuz90 Looks like a great product! Do you have any more coupon codes left?
@linuz90 I really love the Reader mode! Great feature. I've been wanting a desktop version of Inbox for a while now. This is great! :)
@linuz90 love it, needed it, bought it..BUT doesn't seem to want to connect my work email because we use OneLogin. Any ideas?
@_rsamuelson we're fixing authentication issues with external services right now, sorry for your problem!
Insta-buy for me—I love Inbox and now it's like I have a native app for it. Brilliant work, folks. Only thing I'm not a fan of so far is the Compose button...the fact that the label overlaps the account switcher on hover seems messy. I'd rather it be a FAB like on the web or somewhere on the left side of the menu bar. Minor quibble but that's just not intuitively where I expect a compose button to be.
@mostlymarius thanks a lot Marius, also for your feedback. We care about details so we'll try to fix that!
@linuz90 Fantastic, looking forward to your solution. Next question: is extension support on the roadmap? I'm considering adopting Mixmax so it would be great if I knew it would work with Boxy.
@linuz90 Also, on the topic of shortcuts: I'd personally rather have ⌘1, ⌘2, etc. switch between accounts rather than switching between Inbox, Snoozed, Done. Could that be an option?
@mostlymarius we're also working on better and faster account switching
@mostlymarius I've been using Mixmax since its launch and can't imagine Inbox without it anymore. This is the kind of integration that will make Boxy indispensable :-)
Been using a Fluid app with Inbox for months, ever since Mailbox became abandonware. Since I used Fabrizio's icon for my Fluid app, I was seriously anticipating this. It's lightyears ahead of using the browser version, and a total joy to use. I *really* wish it had full-screen/split-screen support, though; it's the only app on my Mac that doesn't, and it really mucks up my window organization. I'll also throw in my vote for a better compose button; I do think consistency with Inbox is important, and pretty much everything except the compose button is consistent with Google. It should definitely retain the large, circular plus button in the bottom corner. Another good reason to move its placement: right now it looks like an "add account" button, since it's next to the user's avatar. I also noticed that some elements have rounded edges where they probably shouldn't, like the top of the search dropdown and bottom of composing a new email. The compose button also becomes obscured while searching. Just wanted to report! I hope this remains well-maintained! Can't wait to see updates. :)
@goldenchaos Thanks so much Jason, much appreciated! We're going to implement split-screen and full-screen in the next version of the app, it's something we also care about. And we're also working on a separate compose window, that would make a huge difference. Also thank you for pointing out the other little details, be assured that I'll look into everything.
What a beautiful app! I have a quick question. I've noticed that you have "common OS X keyboard shortcuts", but do you have VIM shortcuts or do you plan to add them? It's probably my most favorite feature from Gmail, Sparrow, and Mailbox. Thanks!
@kacyf Thanks Kacy! Those would be a nice addiction, you're right. I'll put it on our list and I'll discuss it with @frankdilo to see what we can do :)
@kacyf +1 for the VIM shortcuts. :)
@linuz90 @kacyf +1 on VIM shortcuts!
@kacyf +1 for VIM shortcuts. It's actually a deal breaker for me. Without, I might as well be using Apple Mail. :(
@kacyf +1 on VIM shortcuts as well. It's a power feature but it increases productivity tenfold.
more promo codes please?