Boxy 2

The best Mac client for Inbox by Gmail

Boxy 2 is the first major update to the powerful and minimal email client for Mac, powered by ‘Inbox by Gmail’. It features a redesigned interface, revamped multi-account and notification system, new themes and features, and tons of improvements.

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Hi everybody! Francesco and Fabrizio here, we can’t quite believe we’re finally shipping the first major update to Boxy! It’s an email client powered by Inbox by Gmail, initially launched here on Product Hunt in late 2015. Me and @linuz90 have been working on it for quite a long time, and it features a completely redesigned interface, a revamped multi-account system with a new Status Bar menu, new features and themes, and lots and lots of improvements and fixes. On top of that, it’s a free update for exsisting users! 🙌 We’re so excited to finally put Boxy 2 out there, and we can’t wait to know what you think! Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us (again!) and thanks so much to our hundreds of beta testers for their invaluable help 🙏 And since we’re also really grateful to the Product Hunt community for an awesome initial launch in 2015, here are 10 coupon codes to download the app for free. 63FJWNW4TYP3 9KYT6HE3H6P4 PN4XHN7JXT9F AHYAKXMM77NW 3FEHA9LN4WMA 9XYA3T4YFEAP 3YFL79MWTA7J HTJJ9ALXLXME ARRA6EPR6LRL 4YRT6EYKPNN9 We’re also excited to launch Boxy for the first time on on Setapp, an innovative platform that applies the Netflix model to the app store. Enjoy the update!
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@linuz90 @chrismessina @frankdilo I'll save you time – all codes are gone :)
@linuz90 @chrismessina @frankdilo @andyblacko I hate when I'm late to PH and miss codes.
@linuz90 @chrismessina @frankdilo Well shucks, missed out on that one. Any trials available? I'd like to see how it compares to WMail.

Code is poetry.


Stand alone mail client for Gmail, manages different accounts, very intuitive and clean.



Been waiting a long long time for v2 of this app! Super excited for it to finally launch — I use it every day!
Is it still just a web browser like previous version?
@jakub_pomykala Yes it is! We're proud to have build a system that makes the webview become much more than that. Here the details for those interested
Looks great guys, thanks for the find. Just a pity there aren't 10 grateful members on PH today who already redeemed the codes!