Find gift ideas for friends based on their Facebook likes.

Hey PH,

We are three friends with engineering, design and digital backgrounds that got together and decided to build Boxxit.

Boxxit is an app that returns tailored gift suggestions for friends using an algorithm created with Facebook data based on likes and interests.

We’d love to get your feedback or any other ideas.

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Cool idea, but the execution stumbles because you have to actually invite your friends in the app. It makes sense because of the limitations of the graph that you have available to you, but the result falls flat -- I don't want to really invite others so they know I'm buying gifts for them.
@tarungangwani yeah that's true but on the other hand, friend doesn't know what he/she is actually getting, if anything :) It also builds expectation. I doubt that this fact (your point) will break usability of this product.
@tarungangwani @mihec It kind of does break the usability. I don't want my friends to know how I chose a gift, and also often want it to be a surprise. What's more, my friends really feel bothered by any kind of app invites they did not volunteer for, so I wouldn't dare sending them an invite for this. The idea however is great!
interesting idea
This is an interesting idea!!