High quality web friendly icon font

378 icons(SVG+font) for web and UI design available for you

Released under a MIT license.

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tranmautritam@tranmautritam · UX/UI Web Designer
Nice work, Can I feature your work on my blog?
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@tranmautritam @atisa Nice work, reminds me of Noun Project
Aniket Suvarna
Aniket SuvarnaMaker@atisa
@tranmautritam @abadesi Thanks, but its a font too
Ethan@booligoosh · 👨‍💻👨‍🎤 Making KanbanMail & Code The Web
@abadesi However, I don't like how the icons on the Noun Project vary in style, weight, etc. because they are all made by different people (although I do think Noun Project is like the Unsplash of icons, it's not all bad 😉) I much prefer collections like these that are all made by the same person / team. Good job @atisa, nice and clean style! 👏
Kevin Rajaram
Kevin Rajaram@kevinrajaram · Webmaster
Really love how this icons look! The bold strokes make them just pop!
Jaha Ganiev
Jaha Ganiev@jahaganiev · UX/UI Designer & Frontend Developer
Great work! Thank you for sharing!