Boxes 2.0

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Looks like Boxes is finally gearing up to take on Craigslist and eBay, just like @eriktorenberg predicted a year ago. This looks slick — but the question is, how many people are really willing to catalog and index all their stuff? There's also a good write up on the 1.0 to 2.0 design process.
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@chrismessina not sure if the the Craigslist/eBay comparison works initially. Maybe eventually however initially collectors are a huge target. Comics, toys, jerseys. Cataloguing all of those would definitely be something they would do.
Love what Solomon and his team have done here. So much polish and attention to detail with this product.
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For anyone that signs up to Boxes via this ProductHunt post, we'll give you $50 to spend on the platform. Just let me know on twitter @solomon and we'll credit your account.
@chrismessina we see people adding the things that are important to them and not everything they own. Collectors love us the most. We have so many that add thousands of their collectibles.
Coco Austin (Ice-T's wife) just put her shoe collection on Boxes: