Boxed | Group Ordering

Group ordering, online shopping just got social

Boxed | Group Ordering

People love sharing their opinions about what to buy online -- what if they could share a cart instead? Crowdsource snacks for the office. Stock the apartment without fighting over who forgot the toilet paper. Let your partner add their favorites while you add yours. Group Ordering by Boxed makes online shopping easy. Simply create a Group Order, then send the unique link to friends and family so they can add what they want. Only you can check out.

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Hey Makers! @georgeyang316 @emacsnw @carlyamoss @kevin_kuo What kind of products has Boxed been used for mostly?
Hi Jacqueline! The basic nature of the goods that Boxed sells are dish soap, granola bars, diapers.
We've been working on this project for several months and are super excited to bring it to everyone! Place Group Orders with family, friends, and coworkers! Collaborate on orders across all devices. Shared users do not need a Boxed account to collaborate!
Hi guys, nice idea! Do you plan to add a feature to let a group of friends combine their purchases to get a larger discount?
We're always learning from our customers, looking to meet their needs and are considering a variety of options as our product offering evolves.
This sounds awesome!