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Hey Product Hunters! The Box UI Elements let you can bring components of the Box web application UI to your own apps with just a few lines of Javascript. Each UI Element is completely customizable using CSS and fully integrated with the Box Platform APIs. We're also releasing the Box UI Elements for Sketch to help product designers easily create with the Box UI Elements! You can use the Box UI Elements for any application built with the Box Platform APIs, either for users with Box accounts or leveraging our bespoke user model to white-label Box functionality in your apps. You can learn more in our developer documentation: https://developer.box.com/docs/b... We also created a Sketch file so you can design with the UI Elements: https://cloud.box.com/shared/sta... We can't wait to see what you build! Enjoy!
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You can also read more details in our blog post: https://medium.com/box-developer...
great release @levie and @_mikeschwartz! Also, thanks for putting it into Sketch for us too!
thanks @ted_blosser - congrats on all the success lately!
Was hoping it wasn't just tied to Box so that we could use the UI elements even if we are on a Rails app backed by S3.
@joshuapinter thanks for your comment. We don't offer this today, but it might be something we explore in the future!