Box Island: One Hour Coding

Charming mobile coding game (Hour of Code version)



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Kristján Ingi@kristjanmik · CTO @ Watchbox
When the game launched I was very lucky to attend their launch event. As a person who has helped a lot of people to start coding it was fascinating to me how the kids were reacting to this game. There was a queue to the iPads available but the kids simply did not let go. Some kids had no prior experience with coding but it still managed to get them super excited about coding. I also managed to play one or two levels and the game is very well balanced and the storyline is also something worth following.
Vignir GudmundssonMaker@vigniro · CEO at Radiant Games
@kristjanmik Thank you for your kind words Kristján! :)
Vignir GudmundssonMaker@vigniro · CEO at Radiant Games
Wow! We're truly thankful for how many hunters have upvoted Box Island today! I want to thank both @kiddiarni for posting the game this morning and the PH community for such a positive feedback :) Rock on.
KiddiHunter@kiddiarni · Agile Coach @ QuizUp
Really nice game to introduce people to the fundamental ideas behind coding!
Vignir GudmundssonMaker@vigniro · CEO at Radiant Games
@kiddiarni Thank you Kiddi!
Sesselja Vilhjalmsd.@sesseljav · CEO of Tagplay
This is really cool. It's different than the other Hour of Code mobile games, especially aesthetically. The 3D environment is really engaging and fun to play with. Also impressive how the game introduces coding concepts without having to use blocks of text, but rather using the gameplay itself. Good job!
Vignir GudmundssonMaker@vigniro · CEO at Radiant Games
@sesseljav Delightfully put Sesselja. We agree! :)
Avi Zuber@avizuber · Software Engineer @ DreamCloud
Great product! My 6 year old just aced sequences and is on his way through loops. Thank you for putting this together.