Box Drive

Unlimited cloud storage, now on your desktop 📦

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It's only unlimited if you pay a minimum of 3 Business subscriptions which makes a total of $432 a year...
jeremy carson
Data-Driven Creative
@ajimix that's not all that bad if you need the space, i guess.
Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
From the blog post: Box Drive is the only unlimited cloud drive built for the enterprise, giving you infinite access to all of your files in Box, by streaming them directly to your desktop. That way, you have access to ALL of your content – even tens of millions of files – right at your fingertips, without putting the hurt on your hard drive.
Is this really "unlimited" though?
Brian Lee
code monkey @ theymadethat
@hugojmd Even if it was really unlimited, for how long is it unlimited? a year or until they get enough users?
Devon TaylorTech Development Coord, Shenandoah Univ.
Same concept as the Google Drive File Stream App that is currently in the early adopter program. More info and requests to join are found at
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
From @Katie_Roof's article in TechCrunch: This is the “final frontier,” CEO Aaron Levie told TechCrunch. With Box Drive, you’ll have “unlimited access to all of your data directly from your desktop.” Curious what everyone's using for cloud storage. Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.?
Marc ChampagneCo-Founder, Kyō App
@rrhoover Nice congrats to the Box team! At KYŌ we use Box for all business storage and it's been a great solution. They just need a solid integration with Basecamp!
Vlad Arbatov
Automotive and Navigation @ Mapbox
@rrhoover @katie_roof We're using Box, and the main reason for this is price; I personally find Dropbox UX more pleasurable frankly speaking.
Jeremy Bauer
Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
@vladzima @rrhoover @katie_roof Agreed. Where I work we have an enterprise Box account, and their recent UI updates are great, but I still prefer Dropbox's UI and use it for my personal files.
Damiaan van der HeijdeFounder, ImagineDish
@rrhoover Using OneDrive mostly - as 1TB is included in a standard office sub. For personal photos its Amazon (unlimited free with prime). Creative Cloud for any design work. Google Drive is out - too cumbersome, so is Dropbox - too little space. Never used Box.
jacilynCivil engineer, developer, entreprenuer
@rrhoover i *was* using Amazon's unlimited storage with O-drive integration on my desktop, but now they're discontinuing that :( Box has good timing with Amazon's news that they were discontinuing just taking place