Box Breathe

Stress relief is just a tap away!

Box Breathe is a simple breathing meditation app with clean and intuitive, yet highly functional design. Breathing technique introduced by the app can be used:

- as a quick stress-relief meditation during the day

- by athletes - to restore normal breathing rhythm after a workout

- late into a sleepless night - box breathing helps to fight insomnia.

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Denys Triasunov
Travel & Code
Hello to everyone in ProductHunt community! My name is Denys, and I am the maker of Box Breathe. I'm a huge Apple enthusiast and it's so exciting for me to publish my first product on App Store. It is a fairly simple app, but I have huge plans for its future updates. In development of this app, I started off with a white canvas and tried to add every next element in a way that would not ruin its original purity and beauty. A lot of controls are implemented through swipes, long presses and 3D Touch, so that buttons and arrows don't clutter the design. Smooth animations offer clear visual guidance during breathing sessions. Night mode is implemented specifically for people who have trouble falling asleep, as this breathing technique is quite effective in calming thoughts and fighting insomnia. I'm also very proud of the companion Apple Watch app - at some point I even thought it turned out better the iOS original. There's a reason to it, as Apple Watch hardware offers more opportunities to utilize health & fitness functionality. Support of the community would mean a world to me. Please post your comments, questions and critical notes - the more feedback I have, the better developer I will become.
Hey there @denis_triasunov, thanks for sharing! Just checked out your app - looks very cool and it works!
good idea, do you plan android version?
I have insomnia when I am stressed so I cannot agree more that breathing techniques do help alleviate the condition. Thanks for sharing something that would help aid our well-being.