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Wii style bowling game for Apple TV using your iPhone

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I am surprised by the lack of support for Airplay in games, it would be awesome for the iPhone to be controller and the game projected to the TV. That is how I always envisioned the "Apple Gaming Console" anyway
@raulriera I agree, and I really want to see more from Apple TV/AirPlay in this regard. Two things have limited the experience in my attempts at AirPlay gaming. (1) There's just enough lag between the two devices to throw off anything where timing is critical like a racing game or FPS. I tried mirroring Real Racing 8 and it was very hard to time turns. (2) Without tactile feedback, mirroring button-based games don't really work on a touch device. You need to look down to see what you're pressing most of the time. I know Apple supports controllers now, but I don't see them getting used/sold very much.
@raulriera @adamsigel Hey Guys, we made this app and other apps that bring motion gaming apps to iOS and Apple TV. I agree with the Lag part but the lag can be bypassed and reduced for casual and quick gameplays. With Heavy duty stuff like FPS etc the lag is quite visible.
Hey All, I am the co-founder of rolocule and creator of the game. Please check out our earlier game using the same motion tracking technology for Wii like games on Apple TV. Happy to answer any questions that you have.
Very clever. Can't believe we can't make apps for the Apple TV yet. It's like that first year of the iPhone without apps...... But it's never ending.
@surfy True whats more depressing is so many developers would jump at it.