A handmade collection of top-notch design & dev tools

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Boutique is a woven-hand collection of the best web design tools around. It contains premium resources for web and mobile UI designers and developers - all with a special Black Friday deal. No affiliate links.

Alexandru Paduraru
Creative Tim
Andrian Valeanu
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  • Creative Tim

    Great collection!



    High quality UI Tools from great creators, including us :D

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Alexander Isora 🦄
Alexander Isora 🦄Maker@alexanderisora · Founder @ Unicorn Platform.
Hi boys and girls. I made Boutique - a simple collection with web design and development tools made by worthy makers. All the vendors totally deserve attention: - I've been following the DesignModo team for years. Andrian and the guys create stunning tools and revolutionize the way of UI creation. DesignModo is undoubtedly the industry leader. - Alex of Creative Tim from Budapest keep providing impressive UI Kits and dashboards. Read the interview with the guys. - Ruslan of Lstore creates amazing scenes, mockups and UI Kits. Being a splendid artist, Ruslan pays dramatical attention to details. I'm not sure it's good for business but definitely makes his customers happy :> - Denis of Craftwork is legendary. His UI kits, mockups and illustrations are always fresh. He has that tricky design sense which allows him to create stuff which never gets outdated. Fantastic! - Komol of KKuistore impresses me with the volume of his products. When everybody provide dozens, he provides hundreds for the same price keeping the quality at the top level. - Dima Bunin who made Frames For Sketch. This quality design system made a huge noize in the UI designers circle - team who provide an outstanding prototyping tool for ±7 years (I didn't know what HTML is 7 years ago 😳). - I am also in the line with Unicorn Platform - the landing page generator which was rewarded #1 Product of the Day Check out Boutique and don't miss out the sweet Black Friday offers from the guys. Cheers!
Andrian Valeanu
Andrian ValeanuPro@andrianv · Web designer and indie maker💡. 🇲🇩<->🇪🇸
Thank you for including Designmodo in your list 👋 .
Hovo Evans
Hovo Evans@hovo_evans · tech geek and trendy stuff lover
simply wow ^_^