Bourbon Engine

Build fully native UIs in JSON and push them live instantly.

Bourbon Engine is a server powered rendering engine for mobile applications. It enables product teams to build, test and iterate on fully native applications instantly. The templating engine is JSON based and it can connect to any 3rd party JSON API.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
I've been working on this product for over a year, it's great to finally get to share it with everyone. If you want to know more I wrote a blog post about the journey and how the product works: Feel free to ask any questions!
@bernardgatt Will one be able to build a mobile app (publishable on the stores) with just Bourbon? Thanks in advance.
@filipe_silva4 yes, that is also possible. The Malta Comic Con app is built entirely using Engine.
@bernardgatt What are the main differences between Bourbon and Jasonette?
@filipe_silva4 Bourbon Engine has a built-in design system and any data fetching / processing is done completely server side. All templates are versioned and stored on the server making it very easy to iterate / A/B test on a live product.
@bernardgatt Looks very neat! Does it also handle user interactions (click, swipe)?
@bharath_mg1 thank you :) yes, you can push and pop new views on the stack, trigger system events like opening an email client / browser or trigger events that are handled by a native parent app. If you want to see a real life example you can download the Malta Comic Con app from the App/Play Store.