A Lightweight Sass Tool Set

Bourbon is a library of Sass mixins and functions that are designed to make you a more efficient style sheet author.

It is…

- Dependency-free: Bourbon is pure Sass.

- Human-readable: We aim for clarity over brevity.

- Lightweight: Zero output post-install and has no visual opinion.

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I started using this about 2-3 months ago and I'm obsessed. It is a huge improvement over using Bootstrap.
Bourbon is fantastic. From my knowledge, it's been used at Dropbox, Google, Heroku, LevelUp, and many more big name tech companies. It beats Compass on compile speeds, weight, and ease-of-setup. Best of all it's written entirely in Sass and has no dependencies (aside from ruby-sass or libsass). Keep up the great work thoughtbot!
@phillapier hey phil, thanks for chiming're the creator of Bourbon, right? just wanted to say thanks!
Been using bourbon for a couple years now. It's a fantastic library and I really appreciate the work thoughtbot has put into it. The suite of tools are fantastic and really help me speed up my development workflow. If you use bourbon, make sure to check out neat, refills, and bitters.
@mbesto, Hey Mike! Yeah, I created Bourbon. Thanks for sharing it on PH. It's great to see the community sharing the tool and so passionately using it. The guys at thoughtbot are doing an awesome job moving it forward. Shout out to @tysongach @jasondramirez @kylefiedler @kaishin @magnusgyllensw @jchreu @joshuaogle and everyone else that's lend a hand on the product.
I'm in the process of converting an app from Bootstrap over. I love the Sass mindset, even though @fat's work is pretty dope.