Create dynamic, multisided web applications without code

Boundless is a next-generation web builder that allows you to build an interactive web application without writing any code. Create beautiful pages, save and redisplay user-generated content, and trigger custom workflows. The possibilities are Boundless.
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Ok being known as the 'no-code person' I'm always looking for new tools to push this movement forward. When Nolan reached out to show me Boundless I was astounded by how quick and powerful it was. You can have: - login/signup - invite systems - custom workflows - dynamic data powered with formulas - user profiles - forums These use-cases are a HUGE deal for the no-code movement. People often get confused and concerned with using multiple tools and sticking them together but with Boundless a lot of the heavy lifting is in one place. I can't wait for the things I'll be building with Boundless for Makerpad! p.s. Boundless is now one of the first tools featured on makerpad:
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Hi Hunters, Really excited to share what we've been working on at Boundless with you. We’re offering a tool that will help creators easily build beautiful, database-backed web apps without writing a single line of code. On the front end, you can create a consistent look and feel by updating your fonts and overall theme in one place. On the backend, Boundless forms save data in a way that will let you use it throughout your site. You can display data dynamically with Variants and Formulas, allowing you to show swappable information to your visitors based on variables you set. The apps we generate automatically come with a concept of users already wired up, which allow for folks to create some very cool applications. Here are some examples of what people have already built: * An Unsplash clone * Hand drawn Emoji Service - Pay $15 and get a hand drawn Emoji of yourself ( * Help site * Viral lead flow where people can refer their friends * Blog/Static marketing site We have a lot of integrations already: * Stripe * Slack * Email * Google Analytics * Segment * Custom email servers With a lot more planned. One last fun thing: the Boundless app you make is a Single Page App that offer a lightening fast experience for your customers while still being search engine friendly. Would love to hear what you think, suggestions and feedback are welcome!
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@nolan_evans Hi mate, I have just started using Bubble and came across this post. Looks very interesting. Can you clarify what you mean by 'Boundless app you make is a Single Page App'?
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Hi @ace_bevacqua A single page app is a javascript application - typically built with React, Ember, or Angular where the page you see is all rendered by javascript (typically clientside). Facebook, Gmail, Netflix, Trello are all single page apps. There are some advantages and disadvantages to single page apps. Typical Pro's: - Super snappy once the page has loaded (think instant page loads on link clicking, you can see this for example on, compare this to a typical wordpress site) - You can build interactions (live updating list, realtime filtering) that would be a lot more difficult in a standard html app Typical Con's: - Harder to support SEO as the page is rendered on the client side vs server side (we take care of this for you with Boundless) - Javascript has to be enabled on the client side Single page apps are typically made by engineers as there are very few web app builders that can generate a single page app. I am excited about what possibilities this will open up for web apps built with Boundless.
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This looks awesome! Now I don't have to talk my engineer friend into helping me build my site for my new custom clothing dying business!
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Congrats on the launch @nolan_evans and @steve_hull! I took a look at all your site examples and couldn't find anything that Carrd, Webflow, Squarepsace and WordPress couldn't do better and at a much lower price. I'd recommend adding examples *to your site* of more complex use cases (like user-generated content, account logins/user profiles and formulas) so that potential customers can really see what it can do. I'm sure @bentossell is already working on some walk-through videos for the no-code people, which will be a huge help. One last thing, I'd recommend having a lower tier that's a bit more limited but in the $20-$30 range. IMO, that $50 entry point, even with a lengthy free trial, is going to be a deterrent. It made me (among other things) not even want to sign-up and trial it.
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Hi @caseyfulgenzi Thanks for all the feedback! 1. You are correct that we aren't doing a good enough job at highlighting what the tool can do, will work at improving this over the coming weeks. 2. I hear you that the pricing can be intimidating and a deterrent especially given point #1 we will also be improving this. With regards to #1 wanted to share some examples to showcase what Boundless can do: The Viral lead Site (Viewable here https://hxgc8jsqxebpx5drr4axw8bc...) This is one of our template apps a viral lead flow site that you can create with one click from showcases how the data in our forms is re-usable throughout your site. This is using a formula to perform a count on the fly of how many other customers have been referred by this customer. This same page contains a visual variant that displays differently if you have invited one or zero users. Here's a gif showing off how that behavior is setup: As the creator of the site your data lives in a real database, no smoke and mirrors an engineer would build this database the same way that Boundless does From the above data this is what the user will see when they see their thanks page The Visor site is a version of this app. The custom theming that was applied to it was super easy to do with our style editor, and allowed the theme to be created once and used throughout. They have also used some more advanced features including a unique email constraint. These are things that you can't do with SquareSpace, Wordpress, Carrd, or Webflow. Thanks again, appreciate your feedback.
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Does this do referenced tables? Bulk uploads?
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@joelrunyon Hi Joel, we have csv based import on our near term roadmap. Yes we are able to support tables that reference one another. This screenshot is an example of what one would see with the viral lead site template: The two rows are the two people who signed up, you can see the top row was referred by the bottom row, if you mouse over an associated record you get a summary card for that record and can click view record to drill into it.
@nolan_evans 1) eta on CSV? That's sort of a deal-breaker for me 2) Can one cell reference multiple tables? If so - can those be imported as well? That's something on WebFlow they own't let you do that drives me crazy
@joelrunyon With regards to #2 we can reference both multiple tables (via multiple association columns) and multiple rows (via checking the box in the following screenshot) With regards to #1 I should be able to get workable CSV imports for you by next week - would be happy to discuss further over email: nolan[at]
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