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Joel Besada
Joel Besada@joelbesada · Engineer, Tictail
@amotion @cyborgnation You're right, as it is now Bounce.js is only a web app for creating static CSS keyframe animations. The library that generates the keyframes is coming out soon though, so you can create them dynamically within your JS. From what I've understood, Velocity.js creates its own timeline in JS for applying styles every frame to create the animation, whereas the Bounce.js library will generate the keyframe CSS definition and temporarily apply it to the DOM to let the browser take care of running the animation. So in essence, Bounce.js only runs JavaScript code during the definition of the animation, while Velocity.js runs JavaScript on every frame. I have not had the chance to compare the performance yet. However, the focus with Bounce.js is to make it easy to create nice looking animations, rather than highly optimized ones. The easing functions are all based on a simplified model of spring physics, with most of the parameters hidden away from the user. Of course, relying completely on CSS keyframe animations limits the browser support, but a web app should always be usable without the animations being there anyway.
Andrew Cornett
Andrew CornettHunter@amotion · Designer
Looks like a nice way to get some bounce effects. Curious if it gets as good of performance as the recently released Velocity.js
Joe Barber
Joe Barber@cyborgnation · Product Designer @ Payit
@amotion This is a pretty different animal. Bounce.js is a web app for creating CSS animations. Whereas Velocity.js is a jquery plugin. To answer your question, Velocity.js does claim to be faster than CSS animations "in many cases". Velocity.js is also compatible back to IE8. But again, two totally different things.
Andrew Cornett
Andrew CornettHunter@amotion · Designer
@cyborgnation ahhh! well that makes sense :) the name having .js in it kinda threw me (though, he says the js library is coming soon in the github repo!)